Consultation Committee

Consultation Committee

Article 5 of ARG/gas 55/09 Resolution

5.1 The companies in the same business sector shall identify the company that provides for the establishment of the Consultation Committee and inform the Authority: should they fail to reach an agreement, the Consultation Committee for the business sector shall be established by the largest company in the same business sector.

5.2 The company empowered to establish the Consultation Committee shall publish on its own Website the participation and revision procedures no later than 45 days from the date of publication of this Resolution and shall notify the Authority and the involved parties of the outcome within the following 15 days.

5.3 The following parties may be members of the Consultation Committee:

a) the users of the service, individually or in association;

b) the other companies;

c) the professional associations of distribution companies;

d) the users of other business sectors who are members of the related Committees;

e) the secretaries of the Consultation Committees of the other business sectors.

5.4 The operating procedures of the Consultation Committee shall be defined by its members, respecting the expression of each of the participants: to allow for an orderly execution of the work of the Consultation Committee, in any case, participation shall be limited to one representative for each of the entitled parties and the presence of a secretary shall be assured.

5.5 The Consultation Committee shall:
- express its opinion on revision requests and on new codes subjected to consultation;
- report to the Authority and/or to the company the issues that, in its opinion, would require changes to the reference regulatory framework, as a result of changed conditions on the gas market.

The Company tasked with establishing and revising the Storage Committee is Stogit S.p.A.

To access the area reserved to the storage committee in Stogit’s Website, please click here