Operational Communication

Operational Communication - Thermal Year 2024-2025

Operational communications on storage services

Peak Modulation

Withdrawal capacity

Injection Capacity


Modulation of Punte Costanti




Coefficient of correlation between power consumption of compression plants of Edison Stoccaggio and physical gas movement


The costs of compression and treatment as par.8.7 and Annex 16A of the Code of Storage are not applied to the storage services’ Users (see: art.1 of the Deliberazione 129/2024/R/GAS of April, 2nd 2024 in relation to the thermal year 2024-2025, art.1 of the Deliberazione 93/2023/R/GAS of March, 9th 2023 in relation to thermal year 2023-2024 and art. 1.b of the Deliberazione 110/2022/R/gas of March, 15th 2022 in relation to the thermal year 2022-2023).