Forms - Thermal Year 2024-2025

The shippers who don't have at least one user to enter in the commercial portal

can make the registration:

How to manage the users in the commercial portal Escomas

In case of password forgotten or to modify an existing password click here

Enter in Escomas with the user Admin to:


Contract of storage (to be downloaded from Escomas)

Declarations and forms to be downloaded from this page

IT Access declarations

Powers of representation

Guarantees to be presented for bidding

Note: a cash deposit is allowed to cover the bidding (see the bank account and the description in the Access Procedure).

For Servizio di Riempimento in Controflusso auction (see the Procedure)

Guarantees to be presented after assignment - Post-Conferimento - (to be downloaded from this page)


According to articles 5.9.4 and 5.9.5 of Code of Storage, each Customer has the right to set up a real guarantee on the gas in favour of third parties:

The charges for the Irregular Deposit Service are published on the page Tariffs.

With reference to the establishment, in the form of the irregular pledge, of Gas Guarantee in favour of the Responsible for Balancing deposited at the storage facilities of Edison Stoccaggio, Edison Stoccaggio informs that for the purpose of managing the Guarantee Gas, which could enter into the ownership of the Responsible for Balancing as a result of the enforcement of the volumes of gas in storage previously pledged, pending the finalization of the coordination activities between the Responsible for Balancing and all Storage Companies for the purpose of updating the respective Codes, instead of the forecasts referred to in chapter 5, paragraph 5.9.5 of the code of Edison Stoccaggio will be applied between the Responsible for Balancing and Edison Stoccaggio modes, shared with ARERA, suitable to minimize the risk of any charges in the system.


The transaction of Space and related Injection Capacity and Withdrawal Capacity is communicated to Edison Stoccaggio using following form and it's in accordance with Chapter 7 of the Code of Stoccaggio.