Offered Capacities

Offered Capacity - Thermal Year 2023-2024

The overall capacities for storage services offered are equal to:

  • 9,525,000,000 kWh of Space (equal to around 900 MScm @ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Scm);
  • 95,250,000 kWh/d of Withdrawal Capacity (equal to around. 9 MSmc/d @ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Scm);
  • 79,000,000 kWh/d of Injection Capacity (equal to around 7.47 MSmc/d @ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Smc).

The actual capacities that will be offered in the allocation procedures following the publication of the Decree of the Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Sicurezza Energetica will take into account:

  • any capacity assigned in the period between the date of publication of the aforementioned maximum capacities and the date of the first auction following the publication of the aforementioned Decree;
  • the capacities that may become unavailable as a result of maintenance to be carried out at the San Potito and Cotignola plant, which will be published at the aforementioned first auction.

Edison Stoccaggio, following the deliberation AEEG 149/2012/R/GAS, does not provide strategic storage service and make available approximately a volume of 140 Mcm as strategic reserve.

HUB Capacities T.Y. 2023-2024