Offered Capacities

Offered Capacity - Thermal Year 2024-2025

The overall capacities for storage services offered are equal to:

  • 9,525,000,000 kWh of Space (equal to around 900 MScm @ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Scm);
  • 95,250,000 kWh/d of Withdrawal Capacity (equal to around. 9 MSmc/d @ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Scm);
  • 79,000,000 kWh/d of Injection Capacity (equal to around 7.47 MSmc/d @ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Smc).

The actual capacities that will be offered in the allocation procedures following the publication of the Decree of the Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Sicurezza Energetica will take into account any capacity assigned in the period between the date of publication of the aforementioned maximum capacities and the date of the first auction following the publication of the aforementioned Decree.

Edison Stoccaggio, following the deliberation AEEG 149/2012/R/GAS, does not provide strategic storage service and make available approximately a volume of 140 Mcm as strategic reserve.