Charges for Irregular Deposit Service

Charges for Irregular Deposit Service

Aug. 2, 2023

In relation to the Irregular Deposit Service, regulated in the Code of Edison Stoccaggio in the article 5.9.4, we communicate the charges, also published on the page Tariffs.

Please note that it is ongoing, with the Responsible for Balancing and the other storage operators, an organic and coordinated revision of the Network Code and Storage Codes in the parts relating to the Real Guarantee on the gas in favour of third parties and the related Irregular Deposit Service. The proposal to update the Code of Edison Stoccaggio will be published for consultation following the proposal to update the Network Code by the Responsible for Balancing.

The revision proposals provide for an alignment of the fees charged for the storage service between the storage companies and, therefore, by way of derogation from the conditions currently provided for in the article 5.9.4 of the Code of Edison Stoccaggio, as of now and pending the approval of the revision of the service, Edison Stoccaggio will apply the current fees charged by the major storage company, which are:

- no charges if the gas is in favour of the Responsible for Balancing;

- 1,000 € if the gas is in favour of other "third party" entities such as credit institutions or other users.

Please note that upon successful completion of the process of approval of the proposal, Edison Storage will apply the fees established in the version of the code approved by ARERA.