Offered Capacities

Offered Capacities - Thermal Year 2020-2021

Offered Storage Capacities

The Overall Space for storage service offered for the Thermal Year 2020-2021 is equal to 9,360,000,000 kWh (equivalent to around 885 MScm @ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Scm) as detailed below:

  1. space for Peak Modulation Storage: 8,725,000,000 kWh (equivalent to around 825 MScm @ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Scm): auction on March, 16th 2020;
  2. space for Modulation Storage of Punte Costanti: 635,000,000 kWh (equivalent to around 60 MScm @ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Scm): auction on March, 20th 2020.

Edison Stoccaggio, following Resolution Aeeg 149/2012/R/GAS does not provide strategic storage service and make available approximately a volume of 140 MScm as strategic reserve. 

The overall space offered is ca. 1025 MScm @ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Scm. 

Capacities offered

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