Assigned Capacity

Assigned Capacity - Thermal Year 2020-2021

Offered Capacity Of Space Is 9.360.000.000 KWh (C.A. 885 MSm³ @ PCS 10,57275 KWh/Sm³), Where 8.725.000.000 KWh (Ca. 825 MSmc @ PCS 10,57275 KWh/Sm³) Are Dedicated To Storage Service Of Peak Modulation And 635.000.000 KWh (Ca. 60 MSmc @ PCS 10,57275 KWh/Sm³) To Storage Service Of Modulation Of Punte Costanti.

Overall capacity for Peak Modulation Service with seasonal injection has been assigned on March, 16th 2020: space 8,725,000,000 kWh, assignment price is 0.343000 c€/kWh

Overall capacity for Modulation Service of Punte Costanti has been assigned on March, 20th 2020: space 635,000,000 kWh, average assignment price is 0.38263625 c€/kWh.

Results March, 16th 2020- Peak Modulation Service

Results March, 20th 2020- Punte Costanti Service